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From Studying to Working in Three Months

St. Pölten UAS Alumni Love their Education and Job Opportunities

From Studying to Working in Three Months
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Within the framework of the “Kooperationsprojekt Absolvent*innenstudie” (cooperation project graduate study, “KOAB” in short), which is organised by the Institute of Applied Statistics in Kassel, the St. Pölten UAS and approximately 60 other higher education institutions in the German-speaking area surveyed their graduates on the topics of education and career start.

The UAS alumni said that it took them an average of three months to find a job after graduation. Moreover, they expressed their satisfaction with their jobs in terms of current work tasks and the professional position achieved.

High Overall Satisfaction with the Study Programmes

The alumni also said they were very satisfied with their study programmes. On a scale from 1 to 5, they awarded the UAS an average grade of 1,95. Study conditions, supervision elements, competencies acquired , and the topicality of the methods taught were evaluated as “very good” to “good” by the former students as well. When it comes to the details, the St. Pölten UAS achieved top scores for contacts among students, contacts to teaching staff, and access to the necessary courses.

386 St. Pölten UAS graduates who completed their studies in 2019 took part in the survey.

For more information on the survey projects according to the evaluation cycle, go to this page (in German).

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Marlene Cermak, BA

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