Accessibility, Studying with a Disability / Chronic Illness

Accessible Building

The entire St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences building is barrier-free; there are three lifts to access all floors. The doors of the main entrance and the Northern entrance may be opened automatically by pushing a button.

  • Each building has a barrier-free toilet on every floor. Download Navigation Guide (PDF).
  • The library has technologies for barrier-free studying installed (e.g. OCR scanner).
  • A mobile microphone set for people with a hearing impairment may be borrowed from the Campus and Study Center.
  • If needed, the Parent-Child Room in building A can be used as a place of retreat. To have access to this room activated on your Campus Card, please contact the CSC either in person or via email. Here you can find the current opening hours of the CSC.

Free Accessible Parking

The St. Pölten UAS’ parking area has eight accessible parking spots right next to the parking entrance which are free of charge for students with disabilities. You can register to receive access at the CSC by paying a deposit of 10 euros.

There is a public parking area for people with disabilities near the main entrance to building A at Campus-Platz.

Studying with a Disability / Chronic Illness

To allow for accessible studying for students with special needs, lecturers and staff members of the UAS are informed and involved and necessary modifications are made, e.g. measures to counterbalance disadvantages during admission procedures and exams. Please make sure to contact us in good time to allow us to take your needs into account.

Under certain circumstances, students may file an application for a tuition fee waiver / the return of tuition fees and participation fees. These circumstances include a certified degree of disability of at least 50 percent (in the case of a degree programme) or prolonged (severe) illness that prevents the student from continuing their studies. You can file this application by submitting the form and the necessary supporting documents to the CSC.


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Steinberger Anna, BSc, BSc, MA

Anna Steinberger, BSc, BSc, MA

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