Family Friendliness, Studying as a Parent

The St. Pölten UAS seeks to support staff members with caring responsibilities and to create the best possible conditions for studying with children or while pregnant.

Under certain circumstances, students may file an application for a tuition fee waiver / the return of tuition fees and participation fees. A pregnancy is one of these circumstances. You can file this application by submitting the form and the necessary supporting documents to the CSC.
Application for a tuition fee waiver / the return of tuition fees and participation fees (download PDF here)

Parent-Child Room & Family-Friendly Facilities

Parent-Child Room

There is a Parent-Child Room in building A. Download Navigation Guide (PDF).

The Parent-Child Room is open to students and staff members of the UAS who have childcare responsibilities and, if needed, external fathers and other caregivers. The access card to the Parent-Child Room can be collected from the Campus and Study Center or the library.

  • UAS members can have access to this room activated on their Campus Card by contacting the CSC either in person or via email.
  • When it comes to external persons, the Campus and Study Center keeps a pool card that can be borrowed for this purpose.

The Parent-Child Room features a seating area for feeding babies, a diaper-changing table, children’s toys, and a fridge.

Family-Friendly Facilities

  • Bottle and food warmers may be borrowed from the CSC, the library, or the canteen if needed.
  • There is a high chair for children in the canteen and there is the possibility to order small “children’s portions”.
  • The library has a children’s corner with many children’s book.
  • There is a public playground in the immediate neighbourhood.

Childcare During the Summer Holidays

From 25 July to 29 July 2022 and from 1 August to 5 August 2022, the UAS offers holiday childcare for children of employees aged 3 to 10. The free childcare is offered by qualified staff of Kinderfreunde NÖ.

Moreover, we are already planning a childcare offer for the week before Easter in 2023 once again.

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Steinberger Anna, BSc, BSc, MA

Anna Steinberger, BSc, BSc, MA

Expert Gender und Diversity
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