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Welcome to the World of Marketing!

The bachelor degree programme Marketing & Communication is the ideal preparation for a career in Austria and abroad. Seize this chance to profit from excellent know-how, a strong practical orientation and fascinating specialisation opportunities: event management, advertising, public relations, and media & communication planning.


A Smooth Start to Professional Life

Our graduates work in domestic and international agencies and marketing departments. Their in-depth knowledge, practical abilities and foreign language skills open up excellent career prospects.


The programme has been awarded the quality seals of the Public Relations Association Austria and the WiWi-Talents programme.

Award: PRVA
Award: WiWi Talents



What is Marketing?

“Marketing” is a central function of business administration and refers to a number of aspects including but not limited to production and procurement. In practice, the term “marketing” is often reduced to advertising, PR, and other communication instruments. Formally, however, it also includes issues such as pricing, product development, distribution, etc.

Which functions can I assume after graduating from this programme?

After completing this study programme, you have the opportunity to start your career either in the marketing departments of interesting companies or in various agencies such as social media, PR, or event agencies. You typically start out as a “junior” in the respective field.

What is a Practice Lab?

A “Practice Lab” is a course that is exclusively dedicated to the application and practical implementation of knowledge. The students work directly on concrete projects that are made available by a real partner company. These could, for example, include the development of an advertising concept.

What is the scope of the vocational internship?

The vocational internship has a duration of 11-12 weeks (full-time employment).

Are all courses held on site, or is there online teaching as well?

The vast majority of courses are held with physical attendance on site. There are, however, some sessions/course that take place in an online setting.

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