Bachelor programme

  • Graduation:
    Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSc)
  • Length of course:
    6 semesters
  • Organisational form:
    full-time programme
  • Language of instruction:
  • Study places/year:
  • Tuition fees/sem.:
    EUR 363.36 + ÖH contribution
  • Start of course:
    annually in September

Nutrition as part of medical therapy

Food is more than just nourishment. In medical specialist disciplines dietetic treatment is an important and constant component in the therapy plan. Sound theoretical knowledge is combined with a high degree of practical relevance in prevention and dietetic treatment, in consulting and communication as well as in research and management competences.   

Congresses: International Exchange

BDI International

Already in the course of their studies students take part in national and international congresses of diverse expert associations.


Integration of resarch in teaching

Evidence-based therapy is highly important. Research and development are indispensable in dietetics. Therefore, students contribute to various research and practical projects and can apply their acquired knowledge early in practice.