In line with the department’s strategy, our degree programmes and research activities are closely linked and address a range of areas. We have implemented innovative learning formats such as the European Project Semester, which offers international students a semester of courses taught in English. Our dual-system vocational approach means that the Smart Engineering programme curriculum includes an employment component, with work placements and in-company theoretical training blocks. We offer an interdisciplinary master degree programme which combines digital technologies and healthcare. Graduates of the programme are experts in the interdisciplinary planning, implementation, evaluation and development of technology-based healthcare innovations.

Fully equipped for the media world

Channel StudiosStudents have access to our studios and labs, as well as all the associated equipment, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Learning by doing with our Campus Media

The training media at the UAS provide students with the opportunity for practical implementation of their acquired knowledge. Be it with contributions to c-tv, fhSpACEtv and Campus & City Radio 94.4 - be right in the middle of it instead of just watching!

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Research at the Department Media & Digital Technologies

Our technical programmes are accompanied and supported by research activities at our research institute. The IC\M/T - Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies does application-oriented research and development in the broad field of the creative industry. The institute focuses on economically and socially relevant fields and works on creative solutions for a media-based environment.

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