Didactic Development of Curricula

For Academic Directors

LEARN supports all departments and study programmes of the St. Pölten UAS in the didactic conception of new curricula and in the constant further development of existing study programmes and continuing education programmes.

Everything starts with the central question “What is the essence of a good study programme?”

From this basis, we derive the following levels in which LEARN offers support:

  • Which insights does teaching/learning research provide for the (didactic) planning of a new curriculum?
  • How can competence orientation be integrated into the curricula while taking constructive alignment into account? How are qualification profiles and learning outcomes phrased correctly in the module descriptions?
  • How can subject-specific and interdisciplinary (methodological, social, and personal) competencies be promoted equally?
  • How can the unique style of the St. Pölten UAS shine through in the curricula?
  • How can we take the student life cycle into account and increase awareness for heterogeneity in study programmes?
  • How can educational goals in the sense of responsible citizenship and social commitment (e.g., sustainable and climate-friendly conduct, critical media competence, strong awareness of heterogeneity) be embedded in the curricula as cross-sectional material?

We are happy to support you within the framework of individual consultations or in the relevant development teams. A composition of ingredients for the didactically comprehensive development of curricula can be found in this document (download PDF).

This is a service by LEARN, your Service and Competence Centre for Teaching/Learning Development and Educational Offers at the St. Pölten UAS.

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Dr. David Lisa

Dr. Lisa David

Head of Service Unit
LEARN: Service and Competence Centre for Teaching/Learning Development and Educational Offers