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The master class Industry 4.0 is a unique academic master degree programme dealing with the conception, design, development and testing of systems for the industry of the future.

Focus areas include the networking of machines, production planning, asset tracking and the development of new support systems for people in the industrial environment through the use of mobile terminals as well as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

This Master Class is available either in English or German.

Infografik Industrie 4.0

The teaching content of the master class is generally divided into three focus areas accompanied by experts from the industry.

Focus Areas

1. Concept and Design

2. Development

3. Implementation and Application

Industry 4.0 Lab

The students have access to technical equipment such as two 3D printers for the creation of prototypes. The lab is an experimental facility that the members of the master class can use to implement, experimentally examine and demonstrate Industry 4.0 use cases and technologies.

Competence-Oriented Teaching


The master class allows its student to develop as individuals on the basis of a competency grid. This development is supported and systematically promoted by individual and group projects as well as study content with a distinct focus orientation.

In parallel with this academic education, the students develop a portfolio as proof of their acquired competencies.


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FH-Prof. Dr. Wagner Markus, BSc MSc

FH-Prof. Dr. Markus Wagner, BSc MSc

Lecturer Industry 4.0 Education Coordinator Media and Digital Technologies Course Leader Agricultural Management and Technology Management (MA) Course Leader Agricultural Technology (acad.) Course Leader Certified Professional for UX-Development (certif.) Course Leader Digital Photography and New Visual media (MA) Course Leader Production and Technologymanagement (MA) Course Leader Production Management (acad.) Head of Josef Ressel Center for Knowledge-Assisted Visual Analytics for Industrial Manufacturing Data Member of the UAS Board from 2023 to 2026 Department of Media and Digital Technologies