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Ekaterina Sharonova

Russian student blogs about her study in St. Pölten

Austria is not only about beauty, but also about taste. Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte… that´s what came to almost everyone´s mind when at our first International meeting we were asked to tell what we associate with Austria. It, of course, doesn`t mean that we don`t know anything else! These dishes are so well- known around the world, besides we are students – hungry all the time :D So why don`t we start getting know Austrian culture with its traditional cuisine?

The first Austrian dish that I tried was Schnitzel which my buddy cooked for me. To say that I just liked it – it`s to say nothing. Es war sehr lecker. Don`t know why but it feels much more right to say it in German :D

And as it`s said after Schnitzel you have to try Kartoffelsalat, Semmelknödel, Apfelstrudel, Sachertorte and a whole lot more. To try all these we started to look for a restaurant where they have a big chose of traditional dishes. Luckily there are a lot of them in the city centre, so it wasn’t a problem. Needless to say, everything was really delicious. But! As it`s believed, it`s better to cook something yourself to fully understand and experience foreign cuisine.

We cooked Kaiserschmarren

And that`s what we actually did! We cooked Kaiserschmarren. My simple explanation: it is a shredded pancake that is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar, and then served hot with apple or plum sauce. Yum, even now it makes my mouth water! Furthermore, it was not only very tasty, but also really funny. It`s not that easy to work in a such big group, but we did a great job! Everyone was doing his own task… and presto! The pancakes are ready, everyone is satisfied and happy!

Go spontaneous!


But after such an cooking experience we didn`t stop and decided to start a new adventure - mountain hiking! We definitely had to do some activity. And on the spur of the moment we took a train to Lilienfeld, the place where we began our hiking. For sure, we had to wake up really early that morning, and the climbing took us about three hours. But when we finally achieved the top we didn`t believe our eyes. A breathtaking view of foggy mountains – great beginning of the day!


P.S. Before I was always planning all events in my life! I couldn`t even imagine that once I would change everything in a moment. But now I am ready for our next adventure that is expected to be unforgettable! Be spontaneous and you will see how different life can be!


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