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Erasmus Travel Semester

Erasmus Travel Semester

Ekaterina Sharonova

Russian student blogs about her study in St. Pölten

An Semester abroad is not only about studying. I would say that it is more about travelling. It is really cool! International students have the opportunity to visit different places, experience culture and try new things. For example, I had a dream – Italy… and it came true! I have never thought that it can be so easy. I just packed my travel backpack and started my new adventure! And, of course, not alone, but with my friends, who are always here for me :)

First Italy

So what can I say about this journey? It was a new experience for me. Before I couldn`t imagine that you can so quickly get into a different country that it`s so far away. As for me, a new country is almost a new world! Everything is unfamiliar – people, traditions, rules. A new world – that is exactly what Italy was for me. A beautiful, hot and delicious country! Yes! Delicious is the right word! Indeed, the only words that we knew in Italian were «Ciao! Pizza! Pasta! Grazie! ». And what else need a hungry traveler for happiness? Probably, a place where he can put his heavy bag, make himself comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere of Italy!

Blog Italy1

So the only thing that I can recommend you is… do something to remember this semester abroad! It`s simple..

  1. Gather together with your friends, who are enthusiastic as much as you are;
  2. Check different websites with plan and train tickets - sometimes there are really good discounts;
  3. Decide what to take with you;
  4. Try to put it in one bag;
  5. If you are not falling down caring your bag on your back – you are ready: D

Do not forget about high spirits and "all out"!

Then Vorarlberg

And no matter how great it was in Italy, I was glad to be back home. I didn`t forget about my studying and had a lot to do. Besides, I really like these last, warm autumn days in Austria. «The very best thing for hiking», - a thought flashed through my mind. So I packed my back again, charged the camera to make beautiful pictures and set off for mountains!
My goal was Vorarlberg! It is a wonderful place with incredible views. They say, everyone has his own «place of power». It`s a place where you feel yourself better than anywhere else. And if it`s true and this place really exists, I bet this one is mine! Icy fresh air, scalding sun and mountains! What can be better?

Get a Vorteilscard

After all, if you think about such a long journey (no kidding, it`s about 6 hours), you should definitely buy a Vorteilscard. That is worth it. You will save money on tickets. Don`t forget how long the way is. So take something to eat, an interesting book or film with you. It will be enough for a few hours. And then, trust me, nothing will be more interesting than the view from the window. Snow-covered mountains! For sure, it will not leave anyone cold! My destination was Dornbirn. Nice, small town! The best place for hiking, especially if you are not a professional. There you can find savage scenery, waterfalls and canyons. Grate on your nerves walking up the cliff!

Blog Vbg2

At the end of such an active weekend, I would recommend you to visit the local farm market. Enjoy the atmosphere and try the best cheese!


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