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In search of adventure

So let's continue with our travel diary …
After all, our international journey has just begun. There are still a lot of things ahead of us. Now it's time to tell you about our trip to the Czech Republic – we went to its very heart, to Prague.
I’ll tell you, the journey there takes a lot of time. But only the sky's the limit for such a great group as ours. So, on early Friday morning we were waiting for the train to Vienna. Luckily for us, nobody overslept and we could start our adventure!

After we changed our train in Vienna, we spent four more hours on the way. But as they say, time flies! Playing, laughing, watching movies, snacking on something … Some of us even managed to get some more sleep. So as soon as we left our bags in the hostel, we were full of energy to check out local sights. Of course, with the help of our friends from Czech Republic. A special thanks on this occasion for being our tour guides! At the end of our first day, we managed to take hundreds ofatmospheric photos, eat as much as we could and get soaking wet while getting back to the hostel.

Ekaterina Prague 1

Our second day started with searching for a breakfast location. In my opinion, during such short trips you have to experience as many traditional things as possible. That's why my breakfast was a traditional dessert – „Trdelník“. It's a special kind of cake that is made from rolled dough, wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix. Even thinking of it makes my mouth water. I would definitely recommend you to try it! An active day couldn't start any better! 
We were on the run all day long, walking from one bridge to another (I swear, there are so many of them!). Of course, we visited Prague Castle and took a look at The Dancing House – work of modern architects.

Ekaterina Prague 2

On our last day we decided to climb high to get a bird's-eye view of Prague. For this we chose The Petřín Lookout Tower. Getting to the top is not for the faint of heart! If you are afraid of heights, it will be a challenge for you. But the breathtaking view is worth it!

Friendship goal

And, as the saying goes, the only „spoon of tar in a barrel of honey“ was the fact that a lot of us caught a cold. Wet weather and cold wind did their work. But I can say it again and again, Erasmus – it's international friendship. Your friends are always here for you and their presence will soon put you back on your feet.

Ekaterina Prague 3

P.S.: Learn from my mistakes and stay warm! Tschüß!


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