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My new home

My new home

Sarah Junold

Incoming Erasmus Student von der Evangelischen Hochschule Dresden

5 and a half months ago I started a journey. I went on an Erasmussemester to St. Pölten in Austria. When I think back I was excited and at the same time a little anxious about how this time is going to be. What kind of people I will meet, how studying and working in another country will be and what experiences I will make. 

I first met all the international students at the orientation week. Everyone was still a little shy. This changed with the following parties for example Steffis birthday party. 

From this time on our group got closer and closer with every day, night and trip we spent together. 
Throughout the semester they became my new home, my friends, my family. I was able to meet so many different, great people and with some of them very good friendships developed.

We made great memories together and all the trips we did (e.g. Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Hallstatt, Bratislava and many more) are just one part of it. We spent a whole semester together and I can truly say: It was AMAZING!

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