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Pretty and Precious Prague

Enchanting castles, bachelorette parties and cheap alcohol. Is Prague really filled with these stereotypes? Find out when you read this blog which is based on true events!

Pretty and Precious Prague

Naomi Melchers

Dutch student blogs about her study in St. Pölten

Let’s start at the Prague beginning…

There are so many options to travel to Prague, but we chose the old school one: by train. Just 3.5 hours and a few stops away, we could see the city appearing from a distance. The fairy tale like buildings, impressive architecture and romantic Charles Bridge were waiting for us, ready to be discovered!

Stereotypes everywhere.

While conquering the Eastern Europe heat, we strolled across the romantic alleys and witnessed loads of bachelor and bachelorette trips. Soon-to-be brides and grooms who enjoyed their last few days of ‘’freedom’’ accompanied with friends, family and boatloads of alcohol. Of course, you can’t miss the typical glossy ‘’Bride to be’’ sash, pink glittery veil included.

After some snickering, we had dinner at a traditional Czech restaurant and a well-deserved, and cheap, beer/cider at a bar. Maybe we stayed out longer than we expected. Maybe we paid way too much for a kebab. But we certainly had a good time and were satisfied with our first day and night!

Brunch, castles and even more kebabs

Some of us had a late start in the morning, so we treated ourselves to an avocado-goat-cheese-toast brunch, of course with a cappuccino and a big glass of water. Straight after our meal we joined the others to explore the Prague Castle. After some security checks, we were able to enter the largest castle complex of the world. Starting with the enormous cathedral, including the incredibly coloured stained glass windows, we gazed in awe whilst reliving the century old architecture and history. Exhibitions displaying ancients swords, clothing and even armour – we could not have been more impressed. Our trip ended with the most amazing view of Prague in all its glory and being fully emerged in the Czech culture.


After our dinner, we decided that it was time to hit the town and experience the nightlife of Prague! We decided to visit one of the most famous clubs in the city, Chapeau Rouge. Three floors, divided between a traditional bar and the two other floors filled with techno and Latin music. Compared with cheap alcohol, we danced the night away and, of course, ended with an overpriced kebab.

‘’That’s not me. I swear, it’s not me.’’ 

Last-minute packing, hurrying to get in time to the check-out and shielding your tired eyes from the burning sun, it’s all part of the infamous morning after. What’s a better solution than getting iced coffee from a Costa with a beloved friend and discuss life in one of your favourite coffee shops? Not a lot, I can tell you. Adding a four hour train ride with lots and lots of sleeping, you’ll get yourself some grunting international students with a great new Czech experience. And loads of embarrassing pictures that should never see the light of day. Is this a hint? You betcha.

About Naomi Melchers

My name is Naomi Melchers and I’m a Dutch student all the way from Rotterdam! I study International Media and Entertainment Management in Breda and follow the English media courses at FH. St. Pölten.

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