Gender Mainstreaming & Diversity Management

Embracing Differences and Similarities

We, the St. Pölten UAS, acknowledge that gender identity is not always binary and may well differ from how it might seem from the outside. We believe in the importance of providing a tolerant and inclusive environment at our campus where everybody is welcome – regardless of their origin or physical abilities.  

We want to embrace and acknowledge differences and similarities between people. In short: we value diversity.

This is why we initiate and support innovative projects in the fields of gender mainstreaming, promotion of women, and diversity management. We support mixed teams and make a deliberate effort to harness the diverse competencies of our staff members from different departments.

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Contact: Gender and Diversity Officer

Our Gender and Diversity Officer implements our strategic targets on gender mainstreaming and diversity management. Supported by representatives of the departments and service units, Human Resources and Legal Affairs, the Works Council, the UAS Board, and the Austrian Students' Union (ÖH), she introduces measures on awareness, launches projects and contributes to publications (e.g., language manual (in German); Statute Part 3: Equality, Promotion of Women).

Anna Steinberger

Anna Steinberger, BSc, BSc, MA
Gender and Diversity Officer

Studying for People with Disabilities

In order to make studying accessible to everyone, teachers and staff at the UAS are involved in measures and informed thereof, and necessary adaptations are made. Please contact us in time to help us meet your individual needs. 

Accessible Building 

The entire St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences building is barrier-free; there are three lifts to access all floors and the basement. In addition, all entrance doors may be comfortably opened with the Campus Card. There is a barrier-free toilet on every floor.

  • The library has technologies for barrier-free studying installed (e.g. OCR scanner).
  • There is a trolley available in the canteen in case using the self-service trays might cause difficulty.
  • The St. Pölten UAS conducts special fire safety trainings taking into account the needs of people with disabilities.  

Free Accessible Parking

The St. Pölten UAS’ parking area has eight accessible parking spots right next to the parking entrance which are free of charge for students with disabilities. You can register at the Campus and Study Centre by paying a deposit of 10 euros. The parking card is valid throughout your entire studies and can only be used for the UAS parking area.

There is another public parking area for people with disabilities near the main entrance in Matthias Corvinus-Straße.


Studying as a Parent

The St. Pölten UAS seeks to create the best possible conditions for studying with children or while pregnant.  

Parent-Child Room

There is a Parent-Child Room on the ground floor of building A of the Campus St. Pölten. Download Navigation Guide (PDF).

The Parent-Child Room is open to students and staff members of the UAS who have childcare responsibilities and, if needed, external fathers and other child carers. The keys to the Parent-Child Room can be collected from the Campus and Study Center or the library. Bottle and food warmers may be borrowed from the Campus and Study Center, the library, or the canteen if needed.

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