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Phaidra institutional archive

The Phaidra institutional repository contains research material published by the university, ranging from student theses to peer-reviewed publications and accompanying research data.

Access our institutional archive Phaidra.

Interlibrary loans

Books or journal articles that are not available from our collection can be requested from other libraries (at EUR 2.00 per request). You can submit interlibrary loan requests to


With a current stock of over 50,000 items, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences library offers specialised resources in the fields of media studies, digital media technology, social work, health care, physiotherapy, economics and business studies, computer science and security, as well as rail technology.

The library is equipped with a book scanner (which can be used free of charge) and a colour copier. Additionally, there are 14 study spaces, a self-checkout machine and a comfortable seating area for group work.

The library is also open to the general public. External users can borrow items if they have a library card, which can be obtained for EUR 5.00 from the library helpdesk. To register, external users need to provide proof of identity.