The Tram Gmunden Project

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For the first time students from four different countries (multicultural) realized an interdisciplinary project during their EPS. The team consists of six students and two supervisors. Every team member did tasks according to their own abilities such as visual design, 3D animation, databases, programming and augmented reality. The students had the chance to visit Gmunden before they started to work on the project.

  • Projektleitung:
    FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Knoll Otfried, EURAIL-Ing.
  • Externe MitarbeiterInnen:
    Christoph Thalinger, BSc
    Walter van Lotringen
    Neslihan Kaplan
    Duygu Silen
    Florian Lipp
    Pawel Kozlowski
    Marta Majewska
  • PartnerInnen:
    Stadtamt Stadtgemeinde Gmunden
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The Tram Gmunden Project

The goal of this project was to produce a video, which shows a 3D visualization of the StadtRegioTram in Gmunden. Also an application for smartphones was built. With this app people can view augmented reality content. The team consists of six students and two supervisors.

After a lot of research work and the first visit in Gmunden, the projectgroup started to work on their 3D project. The „European Project Semester“ group were people from Poland, Spain, Turkey and Austria. FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thiemo Kastel (Department of Media and Digital Technologies) and Dipl.-Ing. Otfried Knoll (Department Rail Technology and Mobility) supervised the project. In the end of January, the EPS-Team had their final presentation in front of 200 interested people of Gmunden.

Every team member did tasks according to their own abilities

  • Visual design: Designed by Duygu Silen and Neslihan Kaplan. This part consisted of visual impact, preparation of a video and a book for the project presentation. Also a big posters and maps were produced and designed.
  • 3D animation: Designed by Walter van Lotringen. This task was basically an animated video with the 3D model of the tram, showing how the future tram would drive trough the city of Gmunden.
  • Database, server administration and programming: Designed by Pawel Kozlowski and Marta Majewska. They created an app in Unity 3D for different platforms. The purpose of the program is to visualize the movement of the tram in a 3D environment in real time.
  • Augmented reality: Designed by Florian Lipp. The task is to turn the app into Augmented reality content. This app will be free to download when published.