Turning Points

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Turning Points is an interactive short film that is an international collaborative project in which the audience is in control of the ending.

Turning Points

Turning Points is a group collaboration of European Project Semester (EPS) students from Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, USA, and Spain.
It is an interactive short film with gaming elements that will use a combination of high-class video production equipment and interactive platforms – in our case a web environment.

Audience decides story line

During the film, multiple questions will appear, giving the audience options for what they want to happen next. The viewer is then given the power to take part in the story line, and by doing so, change its concluding direction completely. There are choices, which could impact the whole story's outcome, while others are less crucial (for example choosing what music the characters are listening to). For Turning Points, these choices will lead the main character to different situations and ultimately change the movie’s genre from one to another (i.e.: horror, comedy, thriller, romance, drama and science fiction). In the end, there will be six different movies, all of them having the exact same beginning, but ending in a different and unique way.

What the story is about

The movie starts with the main character, Valerie, getting a text message which reads: “Are you coming to the airport?“. The viewer then has to make his/her first choice without knowing what answering this question ultimately means. After the viewer has made his/her choice, time will turn back to the beginning of the story. We see Valerie, her best friend Lucia, and her boyfriend Tyler having breakfast. Valerie’s day has just started and depending on the viewer’s choices, it might end happily, tragically, or brutally. The whole movie takes place in just one day and follows the main character as she lives her life. Towards the end of the story the meaning of the question “Are you coming to the airport?“, will be revealed. But because the viewer already chose yes or no, he/she might have to watch as Valerie makes the wrong choice in a specific situation.