3D Printer Remote Control

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Connecting the 3D printer to the network to make remote printing possible is the challenge we were given at the beginning of the project

3D Printer Remote Control
3D Printer Remote Control


  • Status of the printer and all the variables
  • Printing time
  • Live streaming
  • Knowing the amount of material
  • Uploading file from distance
  • Reservation of the printer
  • Designing of a web
  • Technical data of the printer

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Project steps

The participationof the team members has made the realisation of various steps during the semester possible -  from the brainstorming inthe first session to the publication of the web through the incorporation of sensors, design and printing of parts, web development, etc.


  • A web publication where you can find:
    • Login system
    • Calendar where you can make the reservation to print
    • Livestream camera
    • Printing status and features
    • File Upload Page
  • Camera support
  • Case for the Raspberry and sensors

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