3D Printer Remote Control

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Connecting the 3D printer to the network to make remote printing possible is the challenge we were given at the beginning of the project

3D Printer Remote Control


  • Status of the printer and all the variables
  • Printing time
  • Live streaming
  • Knowing the amount of material
  • Uploading file from distance
  • Reservation of the printer
  • Designing of a web
  • Technical data of the printer

3D Printer Remote Control_1.jpg

Project steps

The participation of the team members has made the realisation of various steps during the semester possible -  from the brainstorming inthe first session to the publication of the web through the incorporation of sensors, design and printing of parts, web development, etc.


  • A web publication where you can find:
    • Login system
    • Calendar where you can make the reservation to print
    • Livestream camera
    • Printing status and features
    • File Upload Page
  • Camera support
  • Case for the Raspberry and sensors

3D Printer Remote Control_2.jpg