#/Medien & Digitale Technologien #Medientechnik (BA) #Studierenden-Projekt

An interactive room installation reflecting upon the relationship between digital and physical realities and their interaction with each other.



The aim of our project was to create something that tells its own tale – our so-called BEINGS – while implementing the given sources of experimental media and show our desire to meet our personal goals and exceed them. Within the absence of input, they start to express themselves artistically, constantly aiming to break through the barrier between digital and physical reality. 

Project Steps

Most of our project steps relied on overdoing and overthinking previous steps and decisions, although agreeing on the concept can be considered as ‘the first breath’ of BEINGS. Further steps included finishing individual parts simultaneously, uniting each BEING with the network and presenting the results.


The result is an autonomous art installation taking place at Burggasse 98 on 1st and 2nd of March.