Smart Factory Showcase

#International #Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes (BA) #/Medien & Digitale Technologien #Studierenden-Projekt

The objective of the project is to develop a concept for a model representing the “future of production”

Smart Factory

In this interactive installation, all different kinds of technologies will be implemented. This installation is used by the Smart Engineering Department during the open.days of the St. Pölten UAS in order to attract young engineers for a technical study programme. This installation contains technologies such as microcontrollers, a vision camera system and QR-Codes which provide you with live data of the factory.


Realise a scale model of the ‘factory of the future’, to show the technologies of the future in a fun and interactive manner.

Smart Factory_3.jpg

Project steps

  1. Do research on all different kinds of technologies.
  2. Define the layout of the factory.
  3. Define which technologies will be implemented in the scale model.
  4. Define which machines will be used in the scale model.
  5. Define which tools and equipment are needed to implement these technologies.
  6. Make a electrotechnical wiring diagram.
  7. Design the 3D printable machines.
  8. Realise the physical plant, electrotechnically and mechanically.
  9. Develop the software.
  10. Test the scale model.


  1. A fully functional scale model, representing ‘the future of production’.
  2. Software for the installation.
  3. An online blog.


We are glad that we were chosen to participate in the EPS project of the St. Pölten UAS.

Smart Factory_2.jpg