Smart Storage Box

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A team of international students worked on an innovative Industrial-IOT project – creating a concept and a prototype of a Smart Storage Box to improve the manufacturing and storage processes of companies with new digital technologies.

Smart Storage Box

To make sure that the workers in a production line can find the right box and to prevent them from reaching for the wrong parts, storage boxes will be equipped with a variety of electronic hardware components. The boxes will have LED lights installed to show users which box they can find the right parts in. They will also be equipped with a weighing sensor which provides information on the number of parts inside the box and which will automatically reorder them from the supplier.

The concept consists of multiple and extendable boxes which are connected to the “Master Box”. The system is supposed to interact with the user through various channels to provide information and help the user with his/her tasks.



  • Brainstorming session to come up with the key ideas
  • Create a concept
  • Visit GW St. Pölten Integrative Betriebe GmbH, the company helping the students with the progress of the project and providing insight into real production processes
  • Create the first hardware and software parts
  • Find the right sensors and parts which are suitable for the project
  • Design and model the box
  • Create a 3D print of the box
  • Install the electronic components inside the box
  • Connect the boxes to the implemented Master Box

Project steps

During the development process of the storage box, the students completed a variety of different steps ranging from the concept creation and design process of a digital model to the print and assembly of the first prototypes. The software components were also a big part of the project’s realisation.

A large number of research topics from the study programme “Smart Engineering” also took place over the course of the project which helped prepare the project for the final setup.


  • Prototype with different sensors
  • Master Box
  • Final prototype with the boxes
  • Online blog documentation platform for companies to provide more information on smart storage systems


The team members showed a lot of dedication in the various challenges mentioned above. The idea as well as the first prototype will be presented at fairs and to interested companies in order to gradually improve the concept based on the constructive feedback of professionals.