Smart Engineering of Production Technologies and Processes

Bachelor programme

  • Graduation:
    Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
  • Length of course:
    Full-time programme 6 semesters / extra-occupational 7 semester
  • Organisational form:
    Dual programme with an employment component
  • Language of instruction:
  • Study places/year:
  • Tuition fees/sem.:
    EUR 363.36 + ÖH contribution
  • Start of course:
    annually in September

Fit for the Industry 4.0

Modern industrial production combines technical processes and technologies with corresponding business processes. Students are trained to easily and self-reliantly adapt to complex and rapidly changing situations. In close cooperation with companies the dual study programme trains experts for the strongly interdisciplinary work areas of “Industry 4.0”.

BSEAdvantages dual study programme

Study programme and profession are even more close-knit than in conventional part-time study courses. Placements and theoretical training blocks at cooperating companies are integrated parts of the curriculum.

For corporations

The dual study model enables employees to be optimally trained for their operational tasks. Therefore, companies directly take part in the praxis-oriented training and increase their attractiveness on the labour market.