Where do I find my course schedule?

Why do I have to confirm my attendance by signing an attendance list?

Whom can I turn to if I have any questions concerning the eCampus and/or the Campus Information System (CIS)?

When/how can I register for optional subjects?

Where can I turn in case of complaints against exams?

How can I use the St. Pölten UAS Wi-Fi?

What does the technical equipment of the seminar rooms and lecture halls include?

What is plagiarism?

How do I behave in case of an emergency?

What do I do if first aid measures are needed?

Where do I find information on corporate identity?

What can I get UAS templates for scripts and presentations?

I have lost my Campus Card / my Campus Card is damaged. Who can help?

How doI charge my print and copy credit?

Can I request the initial credit on my Campus Card to be paid out?

When/how can I apply for a parking card?

I have a disability and need a parking space. Whom can I turn to?

Where can I hand in lost items or ask whether something has been found?

How can I make a reservation for a learning space?

Where do I apply for federal aid for students?